Custom Solutions

Each business is unique and we can create a package of custom solutions that match your particular needs.

Website Repair and Upgrades

We will help you rebuild your ageing website and transform it into a modern, engaging, and mobile-friendly site. We will also improve your website’s content with relevant text, images, and videos to attract new customers and increase your search engine ranking. With the use of platforms like WordPress, we can also help you lower your maintenance costs.


Enhance Your Website With:

  1. User Engagement components like a newsletter, a chat window, and a feedback form
  2. Google Services including Google Maps and Google Analytics
  3. Social Media integration with Facebook, Twitter, G+ and other sites
  4. Showcase Business Value through slideshow, videos, and downloadable brochures
  5. Client Integration with client login, membership and dashboard pages

We will analyze all aspects of your existing website and offer a plan for improvements and upgrades



Virus Cleanup and Site Security

Security is extremely important for a successful website. Compromised security can mean getting blacklisted by Google, Norton, and other companies. To protect your business and your clients, you need the latest in security technologies.


Virus Cleanup and Site Security Includes:

  1. One Time or Daily Scan for viruses and malware
  2. Security Measures such as limited login attempts
  3. Firewall to protect the website from hacks
  4. Strong Authentication using two-phase authentication

We will remove all malicious hacks and viruses from your website and boost site’s security to prevent future attacks. We will also backup your site regularly to keep your data safe.



Search Engine Optimization

You need a good search engine ranking to attract new clients. Search engine optimization will increase your website’s ranking, attract new clients, and keep existing users engaged.


Search Engine Optimization Includes:

  1. A Content Improvement Strategy to keep your content up to date, useful, and engaging
  2. Configuration of Website Keywords and Description used by Google on search results page
  3. User and search-friendly Site Navigation using descriptive and effective URLs
  4. Fast and Indexed Website to engage users and ensure search ranking

We will improve your search ranking and help you boost your website’s content and attractiveness for your existing and future customers.



Integration of Website with Office Systems

Integration between your website and your office system will help you streamline your online and offline activities and transactions. Data shared between both systems will stay synchronized and intact.


Integration of Website with Office Systems Includes:

  1. Integration of online store with Warehouse Inventory System
  2. Setup of Online Help Desk and its configuration with office email, phone, and fax
  3. Management and Shipping of online orders by warehouse personnel
  4. Customer Dashboard that allows clients to directly communicate and coordinate with your business

We will connect your WordPress site with your office system or improve existing integrations for functionality, speed and reliability.